Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Its Good To Be King
Mario Andretti's driving tips with a good story at the end:

Some years ago, he was speeding down the freeway from his Tuscan-style winery in Napa to catch a red-eye flight at San Francisco International Airport. A California Highway Patrol car pulled him over, and a deputy in training took Andretti's driver's license back to the patrol car.

The way he tells it, the rookie's flustered boss got out of the patrol car and approached the driver's window: "Oh my God, Mr. Andretti, I'm so sorry," the officer said. "Go as fast as you want."
Interesting chat on the Flyer Talk board about the lack of randomness in security screenings. The folks there point out that the at the gate screeners almost always pick the first person in line to search because as one screen said:

...the reason they pick the first person is that if his boss observes him without a "client" he will be reprimanded. I must say that this is a great new security system.

These frequent fliers have already figured out how to bypass this part of security. As several of them said they never approached the gate until the screener was busy with another passenger. So for this security to be effective we have to hope the terrorists are idiots and don't figure this out. Heck, I figured it out the first and only time I flew after 9/11.

Monday, May 20, 2002

Long Time No Blog
Yea, it has been almost a week. I think I'm going to transition to doing one or two in depth essays each week rather than attempting to blog every day. Of course the best laid plans of mice and men....