Saturday, September 14, 2002

Finally, TSA Start Date
TSA called this morning to give me my start date. My orientation is Sunday September 29th. It begins at 7:00am and is supposed to run until 3:00pm. "Bring a lunch" was the advise from the lady.

I'm pleased that they gave two weeks notice- exactly what you'd need if you had a job already.

I was less happy that they used the phone number I gave them four months ago instead of the updated number I provided when I accepted the offer two months latter. If I had turned off that cell phone I might have never heard from them.

An interesting factoid- if you miss any of the training days you are subject to termination. That is 40 hours the first week and 60 hours of on the job training the following weeks. So you should consider yourself booked for a full three weeks after orientation. It also seems that despite what we were told at the assessment all orientation sessions are on Sundays.